Saturday, 3 August 2013

This is my story

Hello, you don't know me and i don't know you. I would be surprised if i get any views on this blog i mean who gives a shit about my story. But away from that, my story: I am a 13 year old boy and i have an idea for change. I am very tech savvy and can easily break into websites, and "hack" a few years a go i came across the group known as anonymous. They opened my eyes, i started questioning everything, why are they checks to search luggage, why are they security cameras every where and are these "terrorists" real and WHY WHY WHY! would they kill themselves for something they did not believe in? Why is it that Americans are so anti Arab? well the answer for that is everywhere and is in one word: PROPAGANDA. It terrorizes us everywhere billboards signs adverts tv website YouTube. They throw words at us like patriot, what is a patriot? I believe a patriot is someone who will do anything for the greater good of the world not his own selfish reasons, not for his government that lies and mis - leads them but for humanity. I from that moment on wanted change, i at first did not know what to do, basic ddos attacks seemed a bit petty as no skill was involved, so i started coding, i coded and coded and found i could manipulate a computer or server into doing anything i wanted using strings of code it all made sense, i 1st learn C# and ++ then i learn scripts and finally SQL which would prove most useful. I found things when filing through the dark web things that "our" government would not want out there. So easy, so why was it not more easily accessible? The answer was surveillance i learnt a hard lesson there when i was only using basic encryption and fake ip addresses, a hacker hacked my computer and remotely played a video on my screen, it showed me how to use advanced anti surveillance monitoring and tracking on my computer. I could not thank him/her as i never came across this hacker again knowingly, however this saved what little of freedom of speech i have/had.

Why am i telling you this? I am saying this as i need a release, i need to take out my frustration in the world and make a difference. No matter what we do the government has structured they'r society so well that we the people can never ever take it back, the internet put a delay in that plan but solidly they are censoring us. I want to the future generation to look back on the history of the world and say oh shit if it weren't for that guy.... I don't want to be another number on they'r surveillance system i want them to know that they cant do this to US!!
I want to make change happen i want to be truly free i want to be able to say that i did something with MY LIFE. I want the government to be afraid of the people and not the other way round. I want a constitution that has total transparency that the people represent themselves and can vote on every single law and that all information HAS TO be put on the internet for all to see and i want the people to be able to shape their own future without thinking i have to do this or that. In my next few posts i will tell you all about my story and my dream constitution if you care about what some idiot thinks.

Please let me know  using a fake GOOGLE ACCOUNT what you think negative positive i dont care thank YOU FOR reading my post an di hope i have helped at least 1 person in some way.